Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is it with this ass? I am severely... like static.
Everything that is going on right now in my life... I don't feel like explaining or venting. I just want my girls around me you know?
K is probably less in weight now. The fact that she is winning at my game makes me extremely angry and scared and other things... like defeated.
I ate a giant thing of nachos just now. I got really upset and threw up a little bit of it, but not enough to really make a difference. My body doesn't have the energy to exercise at her rate. I feel like I can't do it.
So I might be having a blog night.
I guess I will read and write and post and shit and stuff...


  1. :( its hard having someone losing weight around you.. my older sister is trying to lose weight and its got to the point that now I am just keeping out of her way so it doesnt bug me as much.. try to focus on yourself, its hard but keep trying.


  2. it sucks, but she's probably got more energy bc she's eating more, not starving and making her body binge etc? I may be wrong.. but if that's the case, she will lose weight faster. I know though, that it's super hard to tell ourselves that we need to eat *more* to lose weight and get out of our plateau's :s I got diet pills, changed my calories around (healthier calories in) and changed my Wii routine.

    I've just joined a gym too, so hopefully if you watch this space, it will expand! (because I will be shrinking within it ;))

    Ashen - Xanga: Skeletal Whisperings (have commented under my old LJ: EmaciatedDreams, too)