Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My name.
Venus is a planet. It is the brightest thing you can see in the night sky besides the moon. It is bright, and close, but oh so far away. It is fiery and hot. The planet Venus may be the first image that comes into mind when you hear my name.

The symbol for Venus is a commonly used symbol most commonly knows as girl.

It is used everywhere.
You see it on bathroom signs, online, in games to differentiate between male and female and is a universal symbol for the female sex. It is also used to represent the chemical element copper.

Then there is my favorite.
Venus, goddess of love. There is no more powerful thing in this world as love. That isn't just a thing of fairy tales. Love makes a person whole. Without it, a person can wither away to nothing. Those who have never felt love cannot understand any less than those who have felt it many a time. It can be sweet or cruel, but of the many things it cannot be, it is a thing.
Venus is her roman name, but she is also known in greek mythology as aphrodite.

I am very fond of my name to say the least. It is too bad it isn't mine.

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