Friday, March 30, 2012

There is no such thing as easy. There is no such thing as the perfect guy. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. There is no such thing as fairy tales. In light of that, I feel that my expectations for the world are too high.
Is it really too much to ask for a good day? A day where everything seems bright and things don't go wrong? Is it too much to ask for a happy relationship? Is it too much to ask for happiness? What is wrong with the world today that everything is dark and my days are filled with trying with all my might to not break down.
I'm starting to doubt there is such a thing as love. I think it is a myth created to tear mankind to pieces. It is the treasure that is never found, the legend that is never proven, the dream of which all mankind hope for, but can never be reached. It is idolized, made fun of in movies that boast that it is true, when it isn't.
People do not always get along. It is a wave. Happy one day, sad the next. It is a pattern of fighting, making up, and then fighting again. There is no time in which the pattern comes to a stop. There is no pause in the ever tiring roller coaster of ups and downs.
Love is the most reckless of emotions, one built in every kind of living thing. Perhaps it started as a way to help our species mate and repopulate, but whatever the beginnings, it is considered one of the worlds most powerful things. Perhaps because it is invisible.
My own relationship with love is a hateful one. I cannot but dream of it for hating it more.
I just want to escape from my emotions. Whoever made me made mine overwhelming. I must have been one of the test models, because I don't work as well as the newer models.

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  1. Hey.. the world is a horrible place. I think its here to test us all.. I feel the same way and you're right: nothing is perfect. Love and life are constant struggles, its that ultimate unattainable thing. I think its more simple than they make it out to be in movies though.. "its not always rainbows and butterflies - its compromise" (to quote maroon 5) Nothings perfect, your not messed up in any way. I feel the exact same - but then we could both be messed up and I could be in denial.


    beautiful post by the way. x