Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is actually my 101st post. Maybe I will go watch me the 101 Dalmatians movie. One of my favorites.
Anyways... My folks are gone and so the house is all mine. I counted every calorie I ate today. I'm not pleased but I have a plan. I'm cooking me up a pizza because I'm hungry, and I know if I'm not super careful I will eat it all. It isn't a big pizza, just a little one, which makes it easier to justify and I don't want to get into that.
The entire pizza is about 740 calories, which is why I'm glad my mom didn't get me big ones. But there is five, one for each day they'll be gone.
My plan is to cut the pizza into several pieces so I can tell vaguely how many calories I am consuming in one bite. Then I will set it down next to the bike downstairs with a glass of water. The best thing about that bike is it counts how many calories you are burning, and even if it's not accurate, it's certainly something to go by.
I will be exercising the calories off as I consume them, and my stomach will feel full faster because of the time between bites and the fact I am going to be drinking lots of water to fill me up faster.
Hopefully I will be full before I even get half way through and then I will be able to put the rest away in the fridge. Idk after that though...
I just dread carrying the TV all the way back down stairs. It will only take me a few minutes but I just hit an enormous energy low and I sat there watching the oven preheat while sitting on the floor. I'm still not certain where the random energy lows come from.
Anyways, good luck all you.
And thanks Miss Mad. Me motivating you, motivates me lol.

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  1. Wow thats an amazing plan.. I should really do something like that - and no worries :) again you are motivating me! the tip on fasting was great - seeing as I feel sick to the stomach today I will do it! Thanks a million!! stay strong and think about how long it will take to burn off those cals on the bike, maybe it will stop you overeating x Good luck! and congrats on the 101 post :) xxx